Consultations and Courses in QuickBooks

Meet online system requirements prior to participating in a consultation or

To prepare for, sign into, and participate in a live webinar or online
consultation, do the following:

Step 1: Do a free Cisco WebEx test session. If you need help with this, call
Cisco's WebEx telephone number at (866) 299-3239.

  • Search "WebEx test session" and follow the prompts.
  • Fulfill any necessary system requirements.
  • Check out the WebEx chat window before our session to save
    session time. We often use chat to share important information.
  • Practice sharing your screen with a WebEx representative.
    Customers typically share their screen in a consultation with us so
    that we can view their accounting system files and profiles. Do you
    have documents you would like to show us? There's typically no
    need to print or email information for us ahead of time. You can just
    show us what you need by sharing your screen, saving time and

Step 2: Join the webinar or online consulting session you've scheduled
with us at the appropriate time.

  • Join through email, or go to and join by
    entering your meeting number or access code received in the email
    invitation. If your email isn't available, call us for the meeting
    number within the ten minutes before our scheduled session. Or
    click the "Attend a Webinar" link at the top of the page to find the
    session you've registered for which is listed on the calendar. Then
    follow the prompts to sign in.
  • Keep all browsers for the session open during the entire session.
  • If you're using dual monitors while receiving online consulting,
    make sure everything you wish to share is on your primary monitor.
  • Don't share anything private.

Step 3: Join the live telephone call.

  • To participate in the audio portion of a webinar, call the session
    telephone number that pops up on your screen.
  • To participate in the audio portion of an online consultation, call the
    session telephone number that pops up on your screen or call into
    the meeting using your computer.
  • Calling through your computer allows you to be hands-free and may
    allow you to keep a healthier distance from a cell phone. And often
    the audio is much better than when using telephones.
  • If we don't hear you on the WebEx audio line, we'll call you at the
    scheduled session start time at the number you provided when you
    scheduled the session.

Access to service may be limited, delayed, or unavailable during periods of
peak demand, system upgrade or maintenance, electronic problems, or for
other reasons. See the
user agreement for additional important

For group courses participants: To access some webinar materials, such
as any meeting recordings, notes, and QuickBooks handouts, webinar
participants may be required to have a WebEx account, such as a free
WebEx account. If you do not wish to have a WebEx account, please let us
know prior to scheduling or registering, so that we can discuss e-mailing
materials to you instead.

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